Epikko's E-Commerce Platforms

We have concentrated on developing great and unique e-commerce platforms for marketplaces, consumer stores, and B2B stores.

Our first commercially available platform is our Epikko Marketplace platform.

Epikko Marketplace

Radically changing the E-Commerce landscape allowing visionaries to start their own Marketplaces

Bring your stores online and in weeks start developing a thriving business ecosystem

Easy to Start

With our Epikko Marketplace platform you can easily and quickly setup your marketplace, add new stores and products to sell. Create a great experiences for your shoppers and buyers, in a secure and user friendly environment. Create your marketplace as big, as small, as targetted and as wide as you want it to be ... a place where all your stores can enjoy the benefits of E-Commerce within a few weeks!

Easy to Grow

The marketplace provides a simple online application process for storeowners interested in having a store in your marketplace. A set of great tools allows new stores start setting up shop easily and independently and existing stores to easily add more products to their catalogs. Our Cloud-based architecture lets, the growth in visitors, customers, and sales to be seamless.

Easy to Manage

Your marketplace administration team can review both the important business metrics and statistics of the overall marketplace, as well as performance information about each individual store in real-time. Each store's team can see their own performance and manage their online sales, orders, and shipments independently.

Easy to Adjust

The initial setup of your marketplace has the proper language, local currency, and date formats required for your marketplace. Modifying product descriptions, images, prices, inventory, discounts, and more in real-time are just a few of the benefits of working on a platform that provides the flexibility needed in a fast-moving online world!


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